Monday, 27 August 2012

Garden of Eden Collection

Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too? 
~ Douglas Adams

 Come wander through our garden of flowers, rocks, windmills, foxes, snails, beetles and bees at Loot Boutique. Perhaps you might even spot a fairy or two...

E61(W), (O) - Flower stud earrings with faux pearl centre. Available in White and Orange. S$12

E65 - Large domed floral stud earrings in pink. S$10
R32 - Broad black coloured ring with gold rose design embossed on sides. Inner diameter approx. 17.5mm (non-adjustable). S$12

E76(G0, (B), (P) - Flower stud earrings with little faux pearls accent. Available in Mint, Black, or Pink. S$10
E63 - Medium floral bouquet stud earrings. S$10

E79 (M), (B) - Small domed floral stud earrings. Available in Matt or Bright shades. S$10
E59(G), (O) - Swirl flower stud earrings in Mint or Orange. S$16

R26(W) - Flower ring. Adjustable size. S$4  (Sold out)

R23 (F), (P). (T), (W) - Druzy-effect resin rings in fuschia, peach, turquoise, and white, in gold-coloured setting. One size only (non-adjustable). Inner diameter approx. 17mm (size 7). S$8
R19 (C), (P), (S) - Stone druzy rings in glittery silver, deep blue-ish purple, and charcoal. Adjustable ring size. S$16
E70 - Large windmill ribbon earrings in summer colours. S$10
E71 - Small windmill ribbon earrings in summer colours. S$8
R45 - Set of 4 rings, each with a different coloured fox face. Adjustable sizing. S$12
R33 - Bee ring in summery colours of mint and orange striped body. Inner diameter approx. 19mm (non-adjustable). S$8
R44 - Double ring, one of a beetle and one of a flower. Adjustable sizing. S$10  (Sold out).
E58 - Pink butterflies encircled by crystals stud earrings. S$12
E78 - Butterfly stud earrings in summery shades of mint and orange. S$10
E67 - Dragonfly stud earrings in orange and purple. S$12
E75 - Butterflies over pearl stud earrings. S$14
R36 (W), (B) - Snails running amok! Crystal swirl rings. Inner diameter approx. 18.5mm (non-adjustable). S$8
E81 (BW), (C) Fairy wing stud earrings with a little crystal droplet on the tip. S$10